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The Black Crawler was crafted by Contemporary Sculptor, Jeweler and Graphic Artist, Ed Archie NoiseCat.

NoiseCat draws on the stories of his ancestors to create innovative images executed with extraordinary craftsmanship. NoiseCat's work evokes the rich history of Northwest Coast Native America. It builds on the region's tradition of great carvers, past and present. Yet it has a style, intensity and exacting level of craftsmanship all its own. The story of the Black Crawler originated with my Aunt Martina while she was attending a sweat on her home reservation in Mount Currie, British Columbia in the mid 90's. Martina is a descendant of a long line of Chiefs and is a very upstanding person within her home community as well as abroad in the outlying Native communities. She travels to other Native communities and teaches the Stlitlimx language and shares her knowledge of our customs. When this vision of the Black Crawler came to her, it came with a song that spoke of how Native women needed to be strong given that a lot of the history and traditions are carried through the women. Therfore, she concluded that this was a woman warrior song that she had to share with other people through her travels and at home. The Black Crawler won the First Place Ribbon in its division at the 2004 Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market. The Sculpture stands 11.5" High x 11" Wide. OUTSTANDING.


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The Black Crawler


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